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Scientific documentation
The IRSN series of scientific works
IRSN has three series of books: the Collection sciences et techniques (Science and Technology Series), which includes monographs and overviews of current knowledge prepared by the Institute's scientists; the Collection colloques (Seminar Series), which brings together contributions to seminars and congresses organised or jointly organised by IRSN; and the Collection lignes directrices (Guidelines Series), in which guides and recommendations are published (in particular translations of ICRP recommendations).
IRSN has also published two CD-Roms.

Collection sciences et techniques (Science and Technology Series)
  • Catastrophes et accidents nucl�aires dans l'ex-Union sovi�tique ("Nuclear Catastrophes and Accidents in the Former USSR")
  • L'uranium, de l'environnement � l'homme ("Uranium, from the environment to man")
  • Le c�sium, de l'environnement � l'homme ("Caesium, from the environment to man")
  • Les installations nucl�aires et l�environnement : m�thode d��valuation de l�impact radio�cologique et dosim�trique ("Nuclear installations and the environment : assessment method for the radioecological and dosimetric impact")
  • Le radon, de l�environnement � l�homme ("Radon, from the environment to man")
  • Le tritium, de l�environnement � l�homme ("Tritium, from the environment to man")
  • Elements of nuclear safety
  • Approche de la s�ret� des sites nucl�aires ("Nuclear plant safety approach")
  • Traitement de la contamination interne accidentelle des travailleurs ("Treatment of workers subjected to accidental internal contamination")

Collection colloques (Seminar Series)
  • Ecorad - Scientific trends in radiological protection of the environment
  • Ecorad - Radioactive pollutants: impact on the environment
  • Radionuclides in the oceans: input and inventories

Collection lignes directrices (Guidelines Series)
  • Publication CIPR 91 : Cadre m�thodologique pour �valuer l�impact des rayonnements ionisants sur les esp�ces non humaines (Publication ICRP 91: A Framework for Assessing the Impact of Ionising Radiation on Non-human Species)
  • Vos patients et les rayons : un guide pour les m�decins praticiens (Radiation and Your Patient: A Guide for Medical Practitioners)
  • Publication 86 de la CIPR: pr�vention des expositions accidentelles chez les patients recevant une radioth�rapie (ICRP Publication 86: Prevention of Accidents to Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy)
  • Publication CIPR 85 : Comment �viter les l�sions induites par les rayonnements utilis�s dans les proc�dures interventionnelles m�dicales (ICRP Publication 85: Avoidance of Radiation Injuries from Medical Interventional Procedures)
  • Publication 84 de la CIPR : grossesse et irradiation m�dicale (ICRP Publication 84 : pregnancy and medical irradiation)
  • ICRP : historique, politiques et m�thodes de la CIPR (ICRP: history, policies and methods of the ICRP)
  • Agriculture, environnement et nucl�aire : comment r�agir en cas d�accident (Agriculture,environment and nuclear power : how to react in the event of an accident)

  • Criticality experiments  Saclay (1958-1964) and Valduc - building 10
  • The Calliope CD-ROM

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