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    The French Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) is in charge of � contributing to the training of medical staffs and people professionally exposed � (see the people involved on the training target), due to the missions assigned by the French decree n� 2002-254 of February 22nd of that also creates the Institute.

    In different levels, these categories of staffs must benefit from radioprotection trainings about the way of ensuring their own safety or that of the people intentionally exposed in a medical, forensic or biomedical research context on the first side, and on the other side, about the rating of the exposures to natural or artificial radioactivity.

    In order to achieve this objective, the French Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety set his policy of continuing education for the staffs involved. On this portal website of the French Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety, you will find the different training classifications organised by our organization. Other trainings are already planned and will be updated on this website.

    The French Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety also steps in the initial training about radioprotection as part of a partnership with the French National Education, the French National Institute of the Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN), engineering schools and administrations (National Institute of studies of the Civil Security). The trainings involved are qualifier trainings nation-wide recognized, and usually of advanced standing. 


    Originally from the academic world, the medical environment or reputable schools, our trainers are national or/and international experts, and contribute to the research in their field, to the standardization and the legislation of the subject taught. The French National Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety has a professorial team composed by almost one hundred teachers.


    People considered as � medical professionals � are all the doctors that practice medical radiology to diagnostic or therapeutic purpose, but also labour doctors and in general all doctors involved in using ionizing radiations. The medical physicists, the manipulators and nurses working in the field of radiology, the technicians working in laboratories of services of nuclear medicine, the radio pharmacists and all the staffs which step in these departments, even those in charge of the maintenance and of the control of quality of the medical devices are also aimed. The dentists and their assistants, the vets etc. have to be mentioned as well.

    The domain of “people professionally exposed” in the industry is very far-reaching too, because it is not only related to the workers usually brought together and designated as “nuclear workers”, but also to all those who act in the field of non-destructive control or use for different reasons sealed or unsealed radioactive sources (research). The staffs that step in case of emergency or unusual situation are also part of this domain. Finally, all the workers subject to be exposed in companies in which natural radioactive substances are used for another purpose than their radioactive properties, productive or fissile, or all those who step in areas where the natural radioactivity has been artificially changed or reinforced are aimed.


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