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Radioactive waste management


1.What is radioactive waste?

1.1 Where does it come from?

Nuclear-powered electricity generation
Nuclear facilities for defence purposes
Decommissioning nuclear facilities
Processing mineral resources
Decontaminating legacy sites
Hospitals, universities and industry

1.2 How is waste categorised? 

1.3 What dangers does it present?
How can we effectively protect ourselves?
How can we guarantee that the risk to health is very low, both now and forever?

2. How is radioactive waste managed? 

2.1 Who is involved? 

2.2 An individual solution for each waste category
Several stages
Interim storage of intermediate and high-level long-lived waste

2.3 Disposing of radioactive waste
Disposing of low and intermediate level waste
Disposing of very low level waste

3. What is the solution for long-lived waste? 

3.1 Separation and transmutation
The principle
The research progress made
The safety of installations

3.2 Deep geological disposal
The principle
The risks
IRSN's research

3.3 Long-term aboveground and underground storage
The principle
The safety of installations

4. What is happening elsewhere in the world?