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Incident at the SOCATRI plant on the Tricastin site on July 7,

At 11.00 p.m. on July 7,, a storage tank at the uranium-bearing waste treatment facility of the SOCATRI plant on the Tricastin site overflowed, leading to a uranium solution leak.

In its capacity as technical support organisation for the French nuclear safety authorities, the IRSN took immediate action, rushing in a fast response team to the site. A team was quickly set up at the IRSN emergency response centre to take stock of the situation and make proposals for monitoring measures to be taken to supplement the water restriction measures already taken by the Prefect.

An initial groundwater monitoring plan was set up on July 8,. On July 9, the plan was then extended to cover water from three lakes – "Le Trop Long", "Girarde" and "Lac du Devès" – and from the rivers Gaffière, Lauzon and Mayre-Girarde located to the south of Tricastin. Meanwhile, the IRSN took samples of sediments, plants and fish. The results of environmental monitoring measurements taken by the IRSN and SOCATRI between July 8 and July 22,, were regularly posted on our website and could be consulted via interactive maps.

On July 22,, at the end of the day, the Prefects of Vaucluse and Drôme lifted the water restrictions (in force since July 8), subject to the implementation of a new, extended monitoring plan. The results of the new monitoring plan, which came into effect on July 23,, are regularly published on our website.

Take a look at our interactive maps to see the results of environmental monitoring measurements, including:
- water measurements for July 8-14,,
- water measurements for July 15-22,
- radioecological measurements for July 8-22,,
- measurements under the new extended monitoring plan since July 23,.
Note: maps are in French.

Read the information reports published by the IRSN:
- 08/07/08 – Uranium solution leak at the SOCATRI plant on the Tricastin site
- 09/07/08 – Environmental monitoring measures
- 09/07/08 – Uranium and the related risks
- 11/07/08 – Summary of environmental monitoring results following the accidental release of liquid effluent containing uranium at the SOCATRI plant
- 16/07/08 – The IRSN publishes the results of measurements obtained from land and water plant samples taken on July 10,
- 22/07/08 – Water restrictions lifted and new, extended monitoring plan implemented


Last update 18/08/08


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