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Fields of Activity

The IRSN field of expertise covers all of the risks related to ionising rays used within industry or medicine, or even natural radiation rays. More precisely, the IRSN will carry out missions relating to analysis and research in the following fields :

  • the safety of nuclear installations, including those relating to defence
  • the safety of the transport of radioactive and fissile materials
  • the protection of man and the environment against ionising rays
  • the protection and control of nuclear materials and products likely to be used in the manufacture of weapons
  • the protection of installations and transport against acts of malevolence (theft or misappropriation of nuclear materials, or even sabotage).

The research activities, most often carried out within the framework of international programmes, will enable the IRSN to maintain and to develop its expertise and to establish its international stature as a specialist in the risks within its fields of expertise.