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Doctrine and summary documents

Doctrine and summary documents provide all partners and stakeholders with information aimed at helping them reach their own opinion. This position may be reviewed in light of progress in scientific knowledge, changes in regulations or a need for more in-depth discussion of the subject to respond to an internal requirement. These documents may be used and quoted freely on condition that the source and publication date are mentioned.

Generation-four (GEN-IV) reactors

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In the framework of the preparation for the development of Generation IV nuclear systems (reactors and fuel cycle facilities), the IRSN publishes the results of its first reflection on the six reactor concepts studied under the Generation IV International Forum, which could be industrially deployed by the middle of the century. This report highlights some areas of research and development for concepts whose maturity and/or interest appear to be the most advanced. It also puts forward the actions undertaken or planned by the IRSN concerning these concepts, notably to match the deadlines set by the French government for commissioning of a GEN-IV reactor prototype by.

IRSN summary of the UNSCEAR reports

IRSN summary of the UNSCEAR reports
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The present document provides a brief description of the nine reports discussed during the 54th session of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR). These reports cover subjects as varied as sources of radiation or non-targeted and delayed effects. Although this summary report is published in the IRSN's Doctrine and Summary Reports collection,it does not aim to define the Institute's positions but rather to present the main themes of the UNSCEAR reports for the period. The objective is to help those in the radiological protection field stay informed of the latest findings of international authorities such as UNSCEAR.

Security culture in the nuclear field

security culture
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Security culture includes characteristics and attitudes in organizations and of individuals which establish that the issues relating to protection against the loss, theft and other unlawful taking of nuclear material on one hand and deliberate malicious acts in nuclear facilities or during transport of nuclear materials on the other hand, receive the attention warranted by their significance.

Protection of the environment

protection of the environnement
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This document sets out the general strategy that IRSN proposes for creating an environmental radiological protection system. It provides an overview of changing practices in the field, the current state of knowledge on this subject and further progress required to consolidate a method for assessing the risk to the environment. The document also examines the impact of this initiative on environmental monitoring strategy and on IRSN's relations with its research partners in France, Europe and around the world.