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Press releases and information reports

16 March

French nuclear power plants: IRSN makes public its assessment of safety for

16 March

Actions taken by IRSN to monitor radioactivity in the environment around nuclear sites and the Institute's role in certifying environmental radioactivity measurement laboratories

11 August

Carbon-14 gaseous release limits exceeded at the SOCATRI plant on the Tricastin site : the IRSN assesses the dosimetric impact of the incident

22 July

Accidental uranium release at the SOCATRI plant : water restrictions lifted and new, extended monitoring plan implemented

16 July

Accidental uranium release at the SOCATRI plant : the IRSN publishes the results of measurements obtained from land and water plant samples taken on July 10,

11 July

Summary of environmental monitoring results following the accidental release of liquid effluent containing uranium at the SOCATRI plant

09 July

Environmental monitoring measures

09 July

Uranium and the related risks

08 July

Uranium solution leak at the SOCATRI plant on the Tricastin site

26 September

Framework agreement signed on cooperation between the French Armed Forces Medical Service (SSA) and the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)

25 September

According to the IRSN barometer, the French now place environmental concerns above insecurity and just below unemployment and poverty on their list of priority issues

17 September

IRSN has obtained ISO 9001 certification for its entire quality management system

07 September

Third assignment for IRSN at the Radiotherapy Department of Jean Monnet Hospital in Epinal

04 September

Jean-Bernard Chérié appointed as IRSN's new Secretary-General

20 July

On July 20,, the IRSN issued the assessment of the Chu-Etsu-Oki earthquake of July 16, and its consequences on the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant.

31 May

Nuclear security and non-proliferation: CEA and IRSN take part in the ESARDA symposium.

11 April

Le réacteur EPR Flamanville 3

28 March

Preparation for the fourth generation (GEN-IV) of nuclear reactors

21 February

The new ionizing radiation warning symbol (ISO 21482).

17 January

Report on occupational exposure to ionising radiation for the year.

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